Prof. Hamid Naficy
The Anthropological Unconscious of Iranian Ethnographic Films
Dr. Kamran Rastegar
Bashu and The Runner: War, Trauma and Maturation
Mrs. Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri
Problems of Representing Iranian Women on Film
Mr. Hamidreza Sadr Alienation of Intellectuals: Anti-Intellectualism in Iranian Films
Ms. Elhum Shakerifar
Visual Representations of Transgenders in Iran
Dr. Faegheh Shirazi
Protectors of Chastity, Promoters of War: Images of Iranian Women in Poster Arts and Graffiti
Prof. Sussan Siavoshi
20 Fingers and Elite Factionalism
Prof. Annabelle Sreberny De-exoticizing the Image: The Representation of Everyday life in Iran
Mr. Mohammad Tahaminejad
Iranian Patterns and Experiences of Anthropological Films
Ms. Asal Bagheri
Red Ribbon: taboos and implicit relations between men and women
Ms. Narges Bajoghli
The Outcasts: Reforming the Internal “Other” by Returning to the Ideals of the Revolution
Ms. Neda Bolourchi
Visual Imagery, Self Expression, and the Formation of a New Iranian Identity
Dr. Gay Breyley
‘Islamic cool’ in 21st-century Tehran: Visual representations of a pop Madah
Mr. Shahab Esfandiary Mehrjui’s Social Comedy and the Representation of the Nation in the Age of Globalization
Ms. Sara Ganjaei Representation of the Iranian Revolution in the BBC documentary "People's Century"
Ms. Christine Horz
Creating Diasporic Public Spheres: Iranian Immigrants in Public Access TV- Channels in Germany
Ms. Mehrzad Karimabadi
Manifesto of Martyrdom: Similarities and differences between Avini’s Ravaayat e Fath (Chronicles of Victory) and claimed manifestos
Ms. Vanessa Langer
When the artists of Teheran are performing: an experimental video project
Ms. Amy Malek
Grass and People of the Wind: A Re-Assessment of Context, Ideology, and Ethnography
Ms. Serazer Pekerman
Visual Patterns as Spiritual Passages: The Becoming-Indiscernible of the Hero in Iranian Cinema
Kaveh Golestan—Recording the truth in Iran (Photo Exhibition)
Organised by:
Dr. Pedram Khosronejad
Curated By:

Ms. Hengameh Golestan

Ms. Malu Halasa

Visual Representations

of Iran

Visual Representations of Iran: Conference, Film Season, Photographic exhibition (Dept. of Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews, 13-16 June 2008) remains one of the major programs regarding Visual Studies of post-revolutionary Iran in the West, organized by Dr. P. Khosronejad (Associate Director for Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies, School of International Studies/School of Media & Strategic Communications, Oklahoma State University, U.S.A.) with the support of Prof. R. Dilley. This program received financial support from the Wenner-Gren Foundation (U.S.A.), Parsa Community Foundation (U.S.A.), Centro Incontri Umani (Switzerland), the Houtan Scholarship Foundation (U.S.A.), the Royal Anthropological Institute (U.K.), the Iran Society (U.K.), and the Iran Heritage Foundation (U.K.).

Prof. Peter I. Crawford Transcending the other: visual anthropology and the observation and construction of another ‘other’
Prof. William O. Beeman  Visual Representation and Cultural Truth in Iranian Traditional Theatre—Ta’ziyeh and Ru-hozi
Prof. Ali Behdad
Contact Visions: On Photography and Modernity in Iran
Dr. Michael Abecassis
War Iranian Cinema: Between Reality and Fiction
Welcome Notes
Reflections on the Conference
Dr. Ingvild Flaskerud Audiovisual Representation of Piety and Ritual: Integrating Research Perspectives and Local Perceptions
Prof. M. R. Ghanoonparvar Cinema as Literature, Literature as Cinema
Prof. Shahla Haeri
Making "Mrs. President": A film by S. Haeri
Dr. Rolf Husmann
In or Out? Visual Ethnography and the Ethics of Consent
Mr. Ahmad Kiarostami
Missing Myth in the Mainstream
Dr. Michelle Langford
Practical Melodrama: Private Lives and Public Space in Tahmineh Milani’s "Fereshteh Trilogy"
Dr. Maziyar Lotfalian Autoethnography as Documentary in Iranian Films and Videos
Dr. Pardis Mahdavi
The Politics of Pornography in the Islamic Republic of Iran
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